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# Ally

Is anyone else a total Halter purist? Like, I hate those canvas-ish ones that come in a variety of colours, but have those golden horses running on them. I just think they’re ugly and boring. But every other QH on the farm has one of those. I have often been tempted to buy them all new ones like mine, but 20 Halters could get costly.

Pooch and Diablo have about 5 Halters each, and even then, they’re interchangeable. Most of them are leather, or have leather breakaway straps, like this one. Do I have a need for 10+ Halters? No. I surely do not. ‘Seek help’, they tell me.

This one is new, and I didn’t like Ally’s Halter, so I put Pooch’s on her. I bought it because it has a nautical feel, and I think Poochie would make an excellent sailor ;) 

  1. giveupthemachinegun said: hey , i like colorful halters ;) :P
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